Business Breakthrough

It can be easy to grow your business!

Unlike most training that overloads the mind and is quickly forgotten; this program is designed to provide learning in manageable segments with twice-weekly conference calls, weekly coaching sessions and email support.   Participants will learn and then implement Business Breakthrough principles throughout the program, thereby experiencing solid growth.

We will explore the mismatch between what science knows and how most people do business.  For example, neuroscientists agree that at least 95% of behavior occurs at the subconscious level of mind – that is, without our conscious awareness.  No wonder it can be difficult to grow a business – most of our business decisions are being made outside our control!  When you understand why people buy or refer it is much easier to set you and your business up to win.

We also guarantee that you will get results through participating in this program.  We can guarantee our results because our models are mathematically predictive – meaning, if you work the model you get results (no math required).  For instance, when you know why people refer things to other people, then you can set up your business to receive more referrals.  In this class you will:

  • Construct an attention-getting elevator pitch;
  • Learn the scientific reasons why people buy and refer things – and why they don’t;
  • Learn how to increase sales and triple referrals in 90 days or less;
  • Be structured for profit;
  • Market yourself more effectively;
  • Have fun along the way!

This program is perfect for entrepreneurs, salespeople and anyone whose business benefits from referrals.  

Recent participants say:

“Life-changing. This will turbo-charge my life and business”.
“I am completely re-energized and focused.  Now I know I can achieve my goals!”
“I have tried all the trainings and read all the books.  This approach is the only one that works!”

Join us for this two month program.  For more information, Contact Us.